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Trigger for the Labradar unit that will trigger off of recoil.  Will work on anything from a 22LR to a suppressed system or with standard rifle and brake.  Unit comes with velcro to attach to the rifle.

The trigger is very sensitive and some false readings may occur with hard bolt manipulation or dropping the BCG.  Usually, these show as an error reading with no velocity recorded.

Picatinny and magnetic mounts for the unit sold separately.

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3 reviews for Labradar Trigger

  1. joe

    We use the labradar unit at a large firearms manufacturer for velocity data acquisition. The internal microphones gave out within a few months of purchasing the unit. This trigger works great, allowing us to use the unit on rifle calibers down through suppressed rimfire.

  2. Don Barile (verified owner)

    I was missing shots on my Labradar on 6.5 creedmoor @100 yards while ladder testing. This unit works flawlessly. Didn’t miss a single shot, and allow you to place the Labradar in pretty much any position. Very happy with this. Thanks much.

  3. mark1home (verified owner)

    First this device is an impulse transducer and it seems to work well. Now for a qualification. There were repeated false triggers which I believe, (based on observation) were generated by cycling the bolt to load/unload cartridges. I did not have time to experiment with changing the Labradar trigger level from #2 to less sensitive but this might mitigate this issue. What were the symptoms? Cycle the action – a shot reading would display or the “couldn’t track projectile error” would display and velocity shown was well below actual shots. In this case actual/3000fps. Error display was 2000/fps. Just delete those. Bottom line – the unit worked with this impulse transducer. Without it there was no triggering at all. Wiil have to experiment with reducing the trigger level setting.

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