Bipod Talon Covers

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Save your shooting mat and workbench top!  Printed from TPU covers for the Hawk Hill Bipod Talons.  This will work on either the Harris or Atlas models.  Designed to cover these awesome bipod feet when the extra grip isn’t needed.  Easily twist on and off but durable enough to shoot with.

Hardness 80 Shore A

Sold in pairs


These parts are made with additive manufacturing.  Small defects are to be expected.



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2 reviews for Bipod Talon Covers

  1. Jeff Snook (verified owner)

    If your using spiked feet on your bipod then these are a must. They work great on concrete range benches or anywhere you don’t need your spikes. They also protect your gun case from being damaged. Highly recommend.

  2. John Hayen (verified owner)

    These little covers are awesome! They fit my Talon spiked feet perfectly! They lock BB on solid with just a twist. Initially the fit is a bit tight and you will probably need to extend legs to get a good grip on the cover when removing. The lower leg&foot CB spin doesn’t when you twist the foot spins with it. They are not going to fall off in the field, that’s for sure. As I use them, it is getting easier to remove but still a solid fit. If you have Talon spiked feet and only want spikes when needed, this is what you need! The listing also said to expect flaws but I can tell you that I didn’t see any!

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